About Us

Founded in 2004, Al Majal Human Resources (AMHR) is a local leader in providing a comprehensive suite of human capital solutions to businesses operating in Iraq. Our global capabilities and value-added solutions have enabled our clients from around the world to mitigate risks involving recruitment, compliance and fraud, and focus on driving business performance excellence.

From global corporations to local start-ups, AMHR offers specialized services that influence the future sustainability and success of businesses operating in Iraq. With extensive expertise in local labor laws and regulations, we help recruit skilled talent, deliver secure payments to employees around the world, and ensure that the company’s HR activities comply with local labor and tax laws.

In 2013, Morson Groupa leading technical recruiter and an engineering design firm headquartered in Manchester – acquired an equity stake in AMHR. The strategic alliance enabled AMHR to leverage Morson’s intellectual capital and portfolio of resources, as well as its global capabilities to offer premium HR services that help our clients meet their unique challenges.

With headquarters in Baghdad, AMHR provides clients with comprehensive HR solutions that allow them to successfully scale in Iraq without any HR burdens. Today, our solutions are trusted by some of the world’s leading oil and gas companies, including BP, Lukoil, CNOOC Limited, and Kuwait Energy.

AMHR is a subsidiary company of Iraq’s leading oil and gas service provider, Field Energy Services (FES). Together with FES, AMHR helps offer advanced, tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes and delivers a full suite of capabilities that drive the sustained development of companies in Iraq.

Local Expertise. Global Network

In-depth understanding of local labor and tax laws and regulations

Tailored and comprehensive HR solutions including recruitment, payroll management, and compliance

Extensive industry knowledge and compliance know-how

Quality standards and best practices

Partnership with Morson Group

Subsidiary of leading oil and gas provider in Iraq, Field Energy Services (FES)

Headquartered in Baghdad, Iraq

Founded in 2004


Top 5 Reasons To Partner With AMHR

    We are local

    We are passionate about helping businesses in our community succeed. Our strong local presence enables us to connect you with a vast pool of skilled talent as well as help you address cultural, language and time-zone barriers to operating in the Iraqi market. Our team of bilingual experts has strong relationships with employee/corporate taxation and regulatory bodies to help ensure all your HR activities comply with local labor laws and regulations.

    Full Suite of HR Solutions

    With AMHR, you can centralize all your HR processes with an integrated service provider – allowing you to focus on growing your business in Iraq with the confidence that all employee related matters are well taken care of. Our flexible, value-added solutions are designed to help you optimize productivity and pursue local growth platforms while ensuring the efficiency and compliance of your HR operations.

    Payroll and Compliance Team

    To drive efficiencies and mitigate risks, our local and international team supports you in ensuring statutory compliance in HR related matters, including payroll processing, social security, employment contracts and compensation packages.

    Quality and Accuracy

    Our commitment to ensuring the highest levels of quality, precision, timeliness, and accuracy has made AMHR a trusted partner amongst local and global firms operating in Iraq. We comply with industry best practices and are committed to continuous quality and process improvement initiatives while driving operational excellence.

    Our Network

    Through our powerful partnership with Morson Group – and as a subsidiary of Iraq’s leading oil and gas service provider – we provide innovative solutions that ensure our clients are better positioned to adapt to changing market dynamics and business needs.